Glenowen Farm Registered Angus Beef

Glenowen Farm is located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the North West corner of Loudoun County, Virginia. We farm approximately 800 acres and produce Registered Angus cattle for sale to registered and commercial beef cattle producers. We produce all the required crops (corn, barley, and orchard grass hay) to feed the animals and operate an environmentally sound farm. The Thomas family has owned Glenowen since 1784.

Our Cattle

The original Registered Angus herd at Glenowen was purchased by Owen Thomas, Jr. in 1947. The Thomas cattle have recently been recognized by the American Angus Association as a Historic Herd. Today we have a heard of about 300 animals, including over 150 brood cows/heifers. Many of the cows are offspring of bulls raised on the farm. We have used artificial insemination in recent years to improve the genetic quality of the heard.

Our calves are born in the fall and spring, nurse their mothers through the winter, graze on sunny pastures in the spring/summer, and are fed silage, grain and hay through the fall/winter. The steers are finished the following spring for 120 days in a comfortable feedlot and fed all natural corn and barley harvested on our farm. We do not treat animals with antibiotics, use supplemental growth hormones, feed animal byproducts, nor expose animals to crowded feedlots or concentrated manure.

Registered Angus Beef

We selectively harvest steers from our herd each year in order to provide family and friends the opportunity to enjoy our beef. We offer meat in two ways (1) A side of beef processed to custom order or (2) A Beef Bag presented as a small variety of cuts. We use Gore's Custom Slaughter, Inc. in Stephen's City, Virginia. Gores will dry age the beef for up to 21 days and then shrink wrap all cuts individually (or in pairs for smaller steaks) before freezing. While not federally inspected, the meat typically achieves the equivalent of USDA Prime or Choice.

The Glenowen Side of Beef provides families of four or more a very economical way to enjoy exceptional quality meat for an entire year. Please recognize that this is enough meat to necessitate a dedicated freezer. Glenowen Sides of Beef typically weigh approximately 300 lbs. From the hanging weight, approximately 20-25% of the weight will be lost in the cut and wrapping process. We typically yield: 35% Steaks (Fillet, New York Strip, Rib Eye, Sirloin, Flank, and Hangar); 15% Roasts (Sirloin Tip, Chuck, and Round); 45% Hamburger (More If Fat, Less If Lean); 5% Miscellaneous (parts you may not want, e.g. Liver).

The Glenowen Beef Bag is a great way to enjoy a sample of 25 lbs of our beef without requiring a dedicated freezer. We included the following cuts in the box: 2 Filet Steaks, 2 Petit Filet Steaks, 2 New York Strip or Rib Eye Steaks, 1 Round Steak (London Broil), 1 Sirloin or Flat Iron Steak, 1 Hangar or Skirt Steak, 1 Short Rib or Brisket, 1 Chuck Roast or Sirloin Tip Roast, 10 Hamburger Packages (1.5 lbs each). The steaks are cut very thick (1 1/4 inches compared to retail 3/4 inches). Roasts are cut to 3-5 pounds in size. Hamburger is produced at 85-90% lean meat and is packaged in a freezer bag in one and a half pound increments.


This season we are charging the following prices for Sides of Beef: Side $5.00/lb hanging weight (appx 300 lbs), Quarter $6.00/lb hanging weight (appx 150 lbs). This price includes all cuts (steaks, roasts, and hamburger). The Beef Box is a flat price of $250.00 (appx 25 lbs). The price includes the cost of the animal, processing, aging, cutting, packaging and delivery. We stay in tune with the market prices for Natural beef. Hence, we believe that you are buying better quality beef, of know origin and treatment, from a local producer, delivered individually packaged at a 40% discount on Sides and 25% discount on Boxes from retail prices.

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Registered Angus Cattle
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