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We are entering the harvest season at Glenowen Farm and are once again offering locally raised, all natural Registered dAngus Beef to friends and family. This year we are offering Glenowen Sides of Beef and Quarters for delivery to your home in the two weeks. We are also launching a new program of selling Glenowen Beef Bags which include approximately 25 lbs of selected cuts for those who have limited freezer capacity.

The steaks are cut very thick (1 ¼ inches compared to retail ¾ inches). Roasts are cut to 3-5 pounds in size. Hamburger is produced at 85-90% lean meat and is packaged in a freezer bag in one and a half pound increments. We stay in tune with the market prices for Natural beef. Hence, we believe that you are buying better quality beef, of know origin and treatment, from a local producer, delivered individually packaged at a 40% discount on Sides and 25% discount on Bags from retail prices.

If you would like to place an order, please complete the form below and fill-in the relevant details for your order. We will reach out to you shortly thereafter to complete and confirm your order.


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